Trooper Hats

troopweb.jpg (15533 bytes)The trooper hats are all fur with a cloth lining for comfort and warmth. The rabbit fur (available in brown, grey and black) and the natural sheepskin hats are imported. The other furs we have available are red and grey fox, coyote, raccoon, beaver, skunk, rabbit and muskrat. These are handmade in the USA by our tailor and are made "just for you".



gfoxtweb.jpg (23717 bytes) This is a trooper hat made with grey fox.







          skunktrpweb.jpg (16958 bytes)

This is a trooper hat made from skunk and it also has the face on the front flap.







coytropweb1.jpg (18122 bytes)Coyote Trooper Hat








coytropweb2.jpg (17765 bytes)

Coyote Trooper Hat with Ears flaps down. 










Here is a beaver trooper hat.






sheeptropweb.jpg (12968 bytes)

Here is a trooper hat made with sheepskin







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