Taxidermy Novelties


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After you have taken your trophy you can use the teeth or claws to make a necklace.  We can make necklaces using 1 to 4 claws or 1 to 2 teeth, like the one in the picture.



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You can put your mounted trophy in one of these handcrafted coffee tables or end tables. 




jackweb.jpg (15075 bytes)Here is the perfect gift for any of your hunting buddies.  The jackalopes are mounted on a panel and are ready to hang in your trophy room.




mosantweb.jpg (16150 bytes)You can have your trophy antlers mounted and put on a panel.  We have several colors of felt and also use buckskin as your scalp cover.  We have a large selection of panels available with several stain colors to choose from.



beargunweb.jpg (14176 bytes)We can make one of these beautiful gunracks using the front feet from your bear,deer or moose.  The gunrack can be made using a wood slab as shown in this picture



bearftweb.jpg (9996 bytes)The gunrack can also be made using a natural colored plaque with dark edges





skulpedweb.jpg (16487 bytes)After you have taken your trophy you can have us clean and bleach your skull.  For added attraction we have pedestals and wall plaques that we can put your skull on.  We also can do your deer and moose skulls.






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