Animal Skulls


Real Bone Replica
Beaver $57
Muskrat $26
Porcupine $60
Gray Fox $62
Red Fox $62
Coyote $62
Raccoon $52
Lynx $87
Bobcat $80  $72
Fisher $57
River Otter $60  $70
Badger $75
Striped Skunk $31
Marten $34
Mink $25
Ermine/Weasel $29
Rabbit $37
Ground Squirrel $34
Tree Squirrel $30
Mouse $19
Wolverine $240
Gray Wolf $260  $197
Black Bear (Sm) $120
Black Bear (Med) $145 $162
Black Bear (Lg) $165
Cougar (Replica)   $220
Grizzly Bear (Replica)   $395


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Bear skulls are available from small, medium, and large bears.
These include the bottom jaw and teeth. 
These can be diplayed on a pedestal or a plaque also.




skullmeweb.jpg (11658 bytes)

 This is a picture of a bear skull on a Maine panel.
It comes with a hanger installed so it can be hung on the wall.

This can be done with all skulls by Fraser's Trading Post.



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