tail1web.jpg (20512 bytes)These are real fur tails.
Use them to decorate your home or for crafts. 
The tails in this picture are (starting on the left) dyed black fox,
cross fox arctic fox, red fox, silver fox, and grey fox
Prices are:
Arctic and Dyed Black Fox tails $14.00
Red, Grey, Silver and Cross Fox $10.00


tailweb.jpg (25679 bytes)These are also real fur tails and the ones in this picture are
(starting on the left) mink, sable, grey mink, skunk,
coyote and raccoon.
Mink  $6.00

Sable  $14.00
Raccoon $8.00
Coyote $10.00

Bobcat  $5.00
Lynx      $8.00

keychainweb.jpg (18519 bytes) 


We also have key chains available made with coon tails $6.00,
mink tails $8.00 and coyote tails $6.00.






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