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8 oz. Bag of Wild Maine Blueberries Covered with Chocolate $6.00






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                  Blueberry Pancake Mix $6.00







 10 oz. jar of blueberry syrup great to use on your pancakes, waffles, French toast and ice cream.  $6.00







This is your 1.5 oz. pure maple candy maple leaf.  $4.00








   We have light and medium amber Maine maple syrup.

Gallon $55.95    1/2 Gallon $32.95    Quart $18.95    Pint $12.95    8 oz.$7.50    3.45 oz. $3.95








Here are the sweet tasting maple drops.  They come in a 5 oz. bag and are $5.00









Here is the 4 oz. jar of granulated maple sugar.  $6.00








The jams are available in 10 oz. jars and cost $4.50.  We have seedless blackberry, strawberry, wild Maine blueberry and raspberry.









The honey is available in 8 oz. jars  and cost $4.50.  We have blueberry, raspberry and wildflower.






All of the above items may be combined to create your own gift basket idea.

 Call to order 207-746-3938 or Toll Free 1-877-746-3938

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